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Français (Available subtitled in English)

Birds and migration have always fascinated mankind. Zachary Richard, the Cajun singer songwriter, got interested in birds several years ago. Like many, he started by observing and recording birds in his own backyard. Later wanting to learn more he teamed up with experts on the subject. When Zachary Richard met Alain Clavette it was their mutual interest in nature that brought them together but also it was a kind of coming together of two “Acadies” the original one from the North and the more recent “Cajun” one from the South. From the unending mud flats of the upper Bay of Fundy to the luxuriant bayous of South Western Louisiana and back to the bird “nurseries” islands of South Eastern New-Brunswick the exceptional footage helps foster an intimate meeting with the birds and their habitat on Zachary Richard's music.


Interprètes/Participants: Bellefeuille Production ltée

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